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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you ever do events such as weddings and birthdays?

No, we do not currently offer service for any private functions. Our trailers are in fixed locations. That said we are always open to hearing requests.

Q: Do you have nutritional facts?

Not yet! We have this in the works, we do know that our recipe is 1/4 less sugar and fat than traditional dairy ice cream.

Q: How do you sweeten Softys?

Organic cane sugar.

As per Canadian law, businesses are entitled to accept any form of payment they choose. We have chosen this for the safety of our employees, but also for cleanliness and efficiency.

Q: Can adults have a lil' Softy?

Yes, adults are just grown up kids after all!

Q: Where are your trailers from?

Q: Why do you not accept cash? Don't you have to?

We have them custom manufactured to our design specifications in a secret cave in an alternate universe (this and our recipe are the only things we keep secret)

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