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Frequently Asked Questions

We've created a list of FAQs, however,  if you still have questions or require more detail please do not hesitate to send us an email to:

Q: Do you ever do events such as weddings and birthdays?

A: No we do not currently offer service for any private functions. Our trailers are in fixed locations. That said we are always open to hearing requests

Q: Do you have nutrional facts?

A: No we have this in the works, we do know that our recipe is 1/3 less sugar and fat than traditional dairy ice cream 

Q: How do you sweeten Softys?

A: Organic cane sugar

Q: Can adults have a lil' Softy?

A: Yes, adults are just grown up kids after all. 

Q: Are you hiring?

A: We are always looking for great people who love Softys as much as we do, check out our hiring page for more details here



Q: Can I substitute a topping for a different topping? 

A: Yes no problem!

Q: How often do you feature new flavours?

A: We change up our features weekly! Follow us on social media here and make sure you're subscribed to get feature updates in your inbox!

Q: Where are your trailers from?

A: We have them custom manufactured to our design specifications in a secret cave in an alternate universe (this and our recipe are the only things we keep secret)

Q: Why do you not accept cash? Don't you have to?

A: Businesses are entitled to accept any form of payment they choose. We have chosen for the safety of our employees, but also for cleanliness and efficiency.


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